I’m Victoria. Going to state the obvious here so if you’re bored skip to the next paragraph and I’ll get into weird stuff that you might like. I got into photography when my dad used to develop photos in the bathroom. It intrigued me, but I never did anything about it til high school, where I spent most of my time in the dark room. Same thing goes for college and while there things changed. Digital was the new thing, now fast forward 11 years and we are to where I am now. Do the math and maybe you can figure out how old I am. Who would have thought that you would have to solve for x while reading this.

I want to capture photos filled with love, emotion and happiness. Coming from old school Ukraine all our photos had no smiles, just looking straight at the camera with no emotion. I don’t want that. I want you to look at the photo and right away be taken back to that moment. How it made you feel and why. I want to preserve these moments so years from now you can look back and cherish these special moments.

Now a little more about me and how we can be best of friends. I’m a mom of two boys and a dog mom of two large monsters. Yes….they are monsters. I love yoga, even if I can’t do the poses and look awkward, I’ll still try.

Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’m a Netflix junky. I’m currently upset at them for canceling Friends From College. I don’t think I will be able to get over this. You didn’t come here to get show recommendations but I will give you them anyway. Working Moms, Peaky Blinders, Mindhunter, You, Bodyguard, The Office, The Crown, Ozark, Santa Clarita Diet…..Email me if you need me to go on.

Email:  Vc@victoriacphotos.com

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