3 Month Milestone for Brynn

Have you ever been friends with someone for so long that when you look back at how long that actually is, you realize how old you are? Nora and I have been friends since the first day of high school. Lets take a look back at how many years that is…….20 years…. More than half my life, No big deal. She had a baby just for my kids to have babies to play with ;).

Nora came by for a milestone photoshoot with her little bambino Brynn. Who will be bffs with my boys. She has no option.

3 month old Baby Brynn
Baby 3 Month Milestone
Baby Toes
Baby Toes
Family Photo
Family Photo
Milestones Photo


Meet Landon and Victoria, THE BEST NAME EVER, twins born the day before Thanksgiving.  If you would see the mother of these two your Jaw would drop and you would ask. Where did you carry those twins? She already looks amazing and it blows my mind how together they both are after the chaotic life with twins Victoria's Grandma bought the beautiful red dress you see in these photos. Once I get the information on where she bought it, I will let everyone know, because I have been getting that questions a lot. 

Two little blessings, sent from above. Twice the smiles, twice the love.