Secret Garden Tasting with Chef Charles Webb

Astor Street

C Louise Public Relations does it again. They know how to host an event. The event was held in the garden of a private home at 1442 North Astor street. In a prime location and with the lake right outside the door. We were free to roam around the house and explore all the rooms. Not going to lie, I got some styling tips from this house. Already purchased some of the rugs used in there. 

Chef Charles Webb was the man of the hour. Always amazing my taste buds with his creations. Not only does everything he cooks taste delightful it is pleasing to the eye. Nathaniel Glossen and Amber James were the sous chefs helping Chef Charles, always answering questions and making sure we tasted everything.  DJ Madrid rocked the night away with his music and energy. Once again it's a pleasure to be surrounded by such great people. 

Chef Charles Webb
Astor Street Home Chicago
Secret Garden Tasting
DJ Madrid
Chef CW cooking up Swordfish
Secret Garden Tasting in Chicago