Fall Mini Sessions


The season for family photos is here and it’s time to think about those holiday cards. This year I did my best to make it super easy for you, where you can schedule the minis yourself. I am offering 3 different locations and dates.

What you get - 20 minute photo session with up to 6 people. 15 fully edited digital images with all printing rights.

Simply click on the date and location you are interested in to pick your time slot. The location at Winnemac Park does not allow dogs, but feel free to bring your furry family member to the other locations.

If you have any questions, please reach out either by email or phone. I respond faster to texts.

Sunday, September 22 at Winnemac Park - 5100 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60625

Wednesday, October 9 at Wilder Park- 175 S Prospect Ave, Elmhurst, IL 60126

Sunday, October 13 at At River Trail Nature Center - 3120 Milwaukee Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062

Tips for Fall Mini Sessions

Chicago Family mini sessions
Family fall session

You finally booked your family sessions and are super excited to get some snaps of everyone, but now what? Here are some helpful hints to get you started and hopefully make life easier. Please don’t stress , I know a lot of moms stress about this day. Take a deep breath, you just got everyone out of the house and they all look nice. Thats an accomplishment itself.

Fall Family session
  • Avoid bright colors, they reflect on to your face and cause a color cast.

  • Avoid Large logos.

  • Don’t match too much.

  • Rich colors and patterns are great for fall, I know a lot of moms tend to lean towards leopard print and it looks great in photos.

  • You can’t go wrong with a natural pallet.

  • Heels will sink in the grass and you will have to walk in the gravel, plan head for that. If you need hight, boots and wedges are recommended for outdoor sessions.

  • Make sure there are no hair ties on wrists.

  • Pack an extra outfit for kids in case of spills and messes.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, if you are not comfortable it will show in the photos.

  • For younger kids please bring a toy or whatever gets their attention.

  • Wipes for snacks and noses.

  • Be rested and well fed. If you plan to eat after the shoot please have some snacks before hand.

  • Let your child’s personality shine, not every photo they will smile for.

  • Kids will be kids - just roll with it.

  • Have fun with the family and enjoy each others company.

  • Do not stress, trust your photographer.

To book fall mini sessions in October. Click here for availability.

Fall Family sessions

Paris in Chicago

This Chicago wedding photoshoot was inspired by 18th century France Rococo, mostly a painting called “The Happy Accidents of the Swing” by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Since we can’t fly to France and have a wedding at the Versailles, we found a contender. Cuneo Mansion in Vernon Hills is the Versailles of Chicago. The building is pink, it is surrounded by gardens decorated with statues and fountains. Everything inside is meticulously preserved from the gold leaf bathroom to the original tiffany china in the kitchen. The delicate chandelier that hangs in the breakfast room will remind you of Marie Antoinettes Petit Trianon in Versailles. It’s what fairy tales are made of.

We incorporated pastel colors and tea stained sepia paper for the invites. Veronica Sheaffer brought her incredible talent with delicate yet modern pieces to match the aesthetics of the property. Small details like flowers and feathers on shoes tied into the cake colors and decorating.

Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-92-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-101-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-12-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-82-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-48-1200x1801.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-7-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-82-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-40-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-28-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-93-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-56-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-54-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-16-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-79-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-98-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-11-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-89-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-49-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-72-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-22-1200x800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-86-1200x1800.jpg
Chicago-Wedding- Photography-Parisian-Inspiration-91-1200x1800.jpg

Venue: Cuneo Mansion & Gardens
IG: @loyola_cuneomansion

Dresses: Veronica Sheaffer
IG: @veronicasheaffer

Flowers: Persephone Floral
IG: @persephonefloral

Model: Sierra Campbell
IG: pLeaseleavebynine

Stationery and Calligraphy: Maison Blanche Lettering

IG: @maisonblanche_lettering


Hair & Make Up: Jennifer Jade Alvarez / Refined Beauty
IG: @RefinedBeautyBoutique

Rentals : The Festive Frog
IG: @thefestivefrog

Linens: FS Linens
IG: @fslinens

Cake: Grannys Cakes
IG: @grannyscakeschicagoland

Jewelery: Eskell
IG: @eskellchicago

Photography: Victoria Chukarov
IG: @Victoriachuk

Natasha and Marco

Natasha is an incredibly talented artist and when she asked me to photograph their wedding I was so flattered. Natasha and Marco had a huge map mural that was perfect for the setting of some of the photos, along with the map they had these deep teal chairs. I couldn’t make this up in my dreams if I wanted to. Their big fat Serbian wedding featured all the traditions, parade, pig roast and plenty of rakija to go around.

Chicago Wedding Ring
Bride Father and Mom
Bride and Brother
Chicago Serbian Bride
Chicago Bride
Chicago Bridesmaids
Serbian Groom
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Serbian Groom and Groomsman
Chicago Serbian Wedding Parade
Serbian Chicago Wedding
Serbian Bride Barter
Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Serbian Wedding Church
Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Bride and Groom in Church
Chicago Bride and Groom
Bahai Temple Bride and Groom
Bahai Temple Wedding
Chicago Wedding Party
Chicago Wedding Party
Wedding Table Decor
Wedding Cake
Writing Wedding Speech
Chicago Wedding Bridesmaids
First Dance
First Dance
First Dance
Father of the Bride
Mother of the Groom
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Mother of the Groom
Wedding Speech
Groom and Bestman
Jewish Wedding Dance

Mother and Son Photoshoot

Danielle won a photo shoot from me in an instagram contest around Christmas time but Damien, her son had a terrible accident, it really scared me and I can’t imagine what the poor mother went through. Luckily everything turned out ok and Damien is a happy go lucky guy, who just celebrated his 4th birthday. I was still able to photograph these two just as blooms were starting to pop up but still a little chilly outside. We headed to Wilder Park Conservatory in Elmhurst right by Elmhurst College. It’s such a beautiful area, make sure to check it out if you are ever in the neighborhood.

4 years old
Mother and Son Photoshoot
Mama and Son photoshoot
Mother and Son Photoshoot
4 year old photo shoot
4 Year Old Photo Shoot
Mom and Son photoshoot
Mama and Son
Mom and Son photoshoot
Mom and Son
Mom and Son photoshoot

Ivana and Bati

Serbian weddings are by far my favorite to be a part of. Imagine, multiple days of celebrating and always surrounded by music and dance. The wedding day itself is day two, it starts with a parade and bartering for the bride! The groom comes with all his friends and family, along with a flag bearer. The Bride is hidden in the house with her bridesmaid who are preventing any of the grooms men getting in, and basically STEALING her or getting any of the bridesmaids shoes. Usually the best man is the one to negotiate a price for the bride. All while swapping back a flask ( buklijaš ) filled with rakija - a Serbian home made brandy. Once they’ve reached an agreed price, the bride is then brought out and the party starts. Amazing right?

Ivana and Bati are the two most fun beautiful souls and I couldn’t have wished for this kind of couple to contact me. Not only did I enjoy their day ( probably as much as they did), but I got to capture their love story.

Chicago Serbian Wedding Dress
Chicago Serbian Wedding Rings
buklijas filled with rakija for wedding
Groom and Mother
Groom and Mother
Groom and Mother
Groom getting ready
Serbian Pig Roast
Serbian Wedding
Bride Getting Ready
Serbian Bride
Chicago Bride
Bride with Sister and Mom
Sister and Bride
Serbian Wedding Parade
Serbian Wedding
Serbian Bride
Serbian Bride
Serbian Wedding
Serbian Wedding Couple
Serbian Wedding Party
St. Sava Serbian Chicago Wedding Church
Serbian Church Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Chicago Serbian Wedding St. Sava
Chicago Serbian Wedding
Father of the Bride Speech
Chicago Bride and Groom First Dance
Bride and Groom First Dance
Serbian Wedding Dancing
Chicago Serbian Wedding

Farris Wedding

I hope you have been keeping up with my Sarah posts in the past, that include her and her pup-Tucker. Sarah is just an all out beautiful person and I feel lucky to know her. I cried during her maid of honors speech, her best friend spoke of all the wonderful things that make her such a great person. Nick and Tucker will be well taken care of. Check out the post on their engagement because its such a wonderful story of how 4 generations of women in her family have touched one dress. Click here for that story.

Chicago Wedding Detail
Chicago Wedding Details
Wedding Rings
Chicago Groom Wedding Details
Chicago Wedding Details
Chicago Wedding
Farris Wedding
Farris Wedding
Farris wedding
Brides mom and dad
Groom waiting for Bride
Wedding Reveal
Wedding Reveal
Chicago Wedding
First Look
Chicago Biker Wedding
Wedding Couple
Wedding Family Portraits
Flower Girl
Flower Girls
Wedding Couple
Church Wedding
Maid of Honor
Chicago church wedding
Church Wedding
Park Ridge Wedding
Wedding Kiss
Wedding Church
Chicago Wedding
Chicago Wedding Exit
Mother of the Groom
Bridal Party
Wedding Cake with Dog
Wedding Speeches
Wedding Speeches
Brides Parents
Mother of the Groom
Brides Parents Dance
Flower Girls Dancing

Farris Chicago Skyline Engagement

Way back in the day Sarah got a dog, a cute BIG dog. We did an awesome photo shoot with her, not so little pooch. I loved every minute of it. Anytime I get a phone call and someone says “ can I bring my dog?” I get really excited, but this one was, “I just want a photoshoot with my dog”. It’s what dreams are made of. If you want to check that shoot out. Click here.

Now lets fast forward to a couple years later and Sarah gets engaged. WE DO ANOTHER PHOTOSHOOT with her awesome pooch and her other forever.

Along with this incredible couple came Sarahs mom to wrangle the not so big pooch, but there was also a surprise planned for her mom. Sarah restored her mothers wedding dress and revealed it to her on this day. Not only did her mom wear the dress but her grandma as well. Wait….there is more. Her great grandmother made this dress for her grandma 69 years ago. Are you crying yet? 4 generations of women have touched this dress. This also goes to show what a thoughtful person Sarah is.

Grandma- April 30, 1949
Mom - September 13, 1980
Sarah - May 4, 2018

Chicago Skyline Engagement
Chicago Skyline Engagement
Chicago Skyline Engagement
Chicago Engagement with puppy
Lincoln Park Engagement
Chicago Skyline Engagement

Here are the before photos of Sarahs dress that has been in her family for 69 years. Her great grandmother made it from her Grandma to wear on her wedding day. Sarah has always wanted to wear the dress on her wedding day but by the time she was 11 the hem was already too short. Sarah made it in to a dress for her rehearsal dinner and revealed it to her mother and grandmother on this day. It was absolutely lovely and special day. I am so glad that I was a part of it.

The amazing alterations were done by Sew Bridal Chicago. The dress was yellow after all that time and they did an incredible job restoring the color and bringing life back to the dress.

Wedding Dress Reveal
Wedding Dress Reveal
Family Wedding Dress
Chicago Wedding dress reveal
Wedding Dress Reveal
Wedding Dress Reveal
Wedding Dress Reveal
Wedding Dress Reveal
Grandmas Wedding Dress
Grandmas Wedding Dress Reveal

3 Month Milestone for Brynn

Have you ever been friends with someone for so long that when you look back at how long that actually is, you realize how old you are? Nora and I have been friends since the first day of high school. Lets take a look back at how many years that is…….20 years…. More than half my life, No big deal. She had a baby just for my kids to have babies to play with ;).

Nora came by for a milestone photoshoot with her little bambino Brynn. Who will be bffs with my boys. She has no option.

3 month old Baby Brynn
Baby 3 Month Milestone
Baby Toes
Baby Toes
Family Photo
Family Photo
Milestones Photo